Best summer toys for 2018

With summer coming in a matter of months, here is a handy guide for you to consider what summer kids toys you might want to buy. Since summer is usually associated with the outdoors, most of the toys recommended here will be more outdoor-based to let your kids and yourself enjoy the sun while playing.

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High backswing with coated chains



Nothing beats the old-fashioned swing if you want a classic summer toy that kids will enjoy using for a while. This high back full swing from Easter Jungle is not only more comfortable but has a deeper seat for extra safety. It is great for really young kids between the age of 2 to 4.


Trike with parent handle

Best summer toys 2015 - Trikes with parent handle review

Another cool summer toy for 2018 is this red and white tricycle, or tike for short, with parent handle for them to exercise better control when their kid is riding. From all the trike with parent handle reviews on Amazon, this Schwinn model seems to be the most top-rated choice.

Most parents found it to be well built and secure. They also reflected that kids generally love riding it. However, there is the main flaw which is the squeaky sound that the trike makes. It takes quite a few months for it to go away and adding oil doesn’t solve the problem. This trike is a good first step before moving onto a real bike, big wheels bike, or a balance bike.


Lego Minecraft

Best summer toys 2015 - Lego minecraft


Although not an outdoor toy but the Lego Minecraft set will surely be on the wishlist of every kid who has played Minecraft. There are a couple of different Lego Minecraft sets available for sale but this one on the ender men seems to be the most popular. If your kid loves Minecraft, buy this! These would also go great with Mayka Toy Block Tape reviewed by Tales From Mamaville.


Kinetic Sand

Best summer toys 2015 - Kinetic sand


One of the hottest new toys in town is the Kinetic sand molding set. It plays a lot like play-doh type of toy but the feel is a bit different. It is great for playing in the garden or outdoors during the summer season.

However, do note that the set comes with only 1 pound of sand. It is not nearly as much as being shown on the box. If you think you need more sand, please order more when you are buying the Kinetic Sand.

Insect lore live butterfly

Best summer toys 2015 - Insect

Cultivating your own butterfly is a very cool way of playing. This purchase comes with a couple of caterpillars in a box with some food for them to chew on. However, you need to buy the habitat for them during their chrysalis stage. Without it, the caterpillars can’t change into butterflies.

The best way to move the caterpillars when they in their chrysalis stage is to move the lid only since they will attach themselves to it. This will save you the trouble of dealing with their poop which is smelly and disgusting.


Best water play table from Little Tikes

Best summer toys 2015 - Play Table


One toy that is truly belonging to the summer toy category is this water play table from Little Tikes. There are lots of fun things your kid can play with as each corner represents a different activity. For example, you have one corner for the kid to press the button and produce underwater bubbles.

The set comes with little accessories like a squirting ball for kids to squirt water at each other. There is also a water bucket for kids to play with such as refilling water etc al.

You have to do a little setup but the water play table promises to be a fun summer toy. It is very affordable too!


Fireman Minion

Best summer toys 2015 - Fireman minion

With a movie on its way, Minions looks to be another summer toy that many kids will desire. Since there are no new toys being announced yet, you can make so with this Fireman Minion toy form 2014. The siren can be activated by hugging with the lights lighting up. It is a pretty amusing tool that can brighten any kid’s day.


Lawnmower toy

Best summer toys 2015 - Toy lawn mower

Another great outdoor summer toy by Little Tikes. This time, it is a fun lawn mower toy for kids to stimulate the real thing. It is packed with features such as

  • producing sound when being moved
  • producing engine rolls when the cord is pulled
  • removable parts to played with

Overall, this is a well-made push toy that your kid will love to move around in the garden when summer comes. Recommended!

Hope you enjoyed this 2018 best summer toys guide. I will love to hear more ideas from you.

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