Dressing Down Sparkles – How To Wear Your Glittery Poverty Fighting Finds Year Round

Once the festive season is over I usually find myself in a bit of a style rut. Velvet skirts, lace shirts and silk dresses are no longer a necessity due to the lack of work parties, school friend gatherings and general festive merriment. The weather is still pretty (understatement) cold and all that is wanted/needed are jumpers, jeans and the biggest socks that were given for Christmas. 

To give myself a little push out of this style rut, and to encourage myself to continue to wear party-ish items of clothing, I set myself a little challenge of wearing one of my glittery, Oxfam purchases on a grey day. I have been an Oxfam shopper for a long ol’ while now. Ever since I wandered into my local Oxfam as a young teenager and started rummaging. I haven’t stopped rummaging since. For me, I would much rather shop and donate to Oxfam, a global movement that supports millions over the world. I choose to spend my money at the charity shop (rather than the on high-street) so I am able to support Oxfam’s cause of ensuring people have access to clean water, have food to eat and that those in need don’t suffer further following a natural disaster.

Hannah in a Sparkly Dress from Oxfam

I picked up this dress last year as part of Oxfam’s #FoundinOxfam campaign. It was in the sale for around £4 which as well as contributing to this amazing cause also means that it’s price per wear is a right bargain since I have worn it a number of times to parties and now am dressing it down so I can wear it all year.

Layering Dress and Roll Neck

I decided to wear the dress with a roll-neck, fishnets and big ol’ boots so it was surprisingly warm, comfortable and wearable for a day out in London Town. Now I’m thinking about starting to team all my sequinned/glittery charity shop purchases with roll-necks and boots so I can wear my more sparkly Oxfam finds all year long!

Winter Style

Oxfam have been working to end poverty for 75 years, supporting millions along the way. Knowing that providing access to clean water, ensuring families are fed and providing life-saving assistance are just a few things Oxfam do is one of the many reasons I continue to shop and donate in their charity shops.

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