Parisian girls seems to have it all – have y’all ever noticed that? The effortless, cool girl look that is just as sophisticated as it is laidback. And, they all seem totally confident in their attitude. We all covet this, but a lot of times when I try to copy it I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m still trying too hard. (You should have seen me getting ready for my Paris trip, lulz right there).

But what I’ve learned about this ‘Parisian girl’ lookespecially during my time in Paris – is that it’s all about comfort and confidence. It’s about mixing high with low, and rocking it because you know you look totally fab. After some serious stalking of Parisian style icons like Isabel Marant and Emmanuelle Alt, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris (so of course she has crazy good style), and all the street style, I’ve figured out what makes French-Girl style so timelessly…amazing!


Simplicity is greater than trend in the Parisian world. French it-girl style is all about keeping it simple, modern, and clean. Invest in pieces that you can re-wear and re-style often, and don’t worry too much about all the trends. For example, a crisp while blouse, a timeless trench coat or leather jacket, cashmere sweaters, and perfectly tailored jeans. These pieces lay the foundation for the perfect balance between Parisian ease and class. You can dress them up (cashmere sweater paired with a leather midi-skirt, or a long trench over a short fitted dress – paired with flats of course).


Parisian girls are always on the move – like they are so cool and fab and always seem to have somewhere to be. Because of this, I noticed that they tend to go for classic comfort in the shoe department – and I didn’t see a lot of heels…and it was Fashion Week! This does not mean clunky running shoes though, think more along the lines of simple Adidas sneakers, Todd’s loafers, oxfords, fashion sneakers, and Loeffler Randall mules. Though these shoes are on the simpler side, it doesn’t mean you can’t show a little flare. Patent leather, metallic and embellished goes a long way when paired with an understated, monotone outfit, and I noticed a lot of classy leopard and/or velvet when I was there.


Another trend common among Parisian style is never overdressing, but always walking a fine line between the just-rolled-out-of-bed messy hair look and extremely chic. Easier said than done, but I got this a shot while on my trip. One key component to achieving this look is maintaining the perfect balance. For example, if you’re planning to wear an outfit that is on the shorter side, and more form fitting, opt for flat shoes. If you’re wearing a longer, more flowy skirt, dress, or trousers, elevate them with kitten heels or something along those lines. Parisian style is ever too done up or too loud, if y’all know what I mean.


French girls are known to wear clothes that fit them and accentuate their figures – and they do this without being the least bit promiscuous. The key is to tailor and cinch. Everyone wears trousers or denim that fit them correctly – they are hemmed to the perfect length and aren’t too baggy in certain areas or skin tight. They are tailored to fit their bodies perfectly, and it does so much for the style. Similarly, I noticed that Parisian women love a good cinch. Whether it’s a trench tied around the waist, high-waist pants that show off the waist, or a belted sweater, cinching is majorly important.


The overall aesthetic of a Parisian girl is neutrality. Everything from your makeup and hair to clothing, keeping it within neutral and natural shades will add the necessary edge. When in doubt, keep the makeup minimal and the clothing black. A little blush and mascara, maybe a cat eye if you’re feeling sassy, paired with an oversized black cashmere sweater, black cropped skinny jeans and black mules is the basic go-to in Paris. I really do love this aspect of their style and want to implement more of this at home too (if the Southern girl in me let’s it happen, ha!).


While this may not be the obvious choice, lace is the perfect material because it can be dressed up as much as it can be dressed down, and is also sexy while remaining effortless – the ideal formula for the Parisian look. A lace skirt, with a tee-shirt tucked in and high-top sneakers should become a wardrobe staple in you’re trying to be all Parisian. A little lace dress also goes a long way for an evening out, and I noticed a ton of this chicness while there.


This definitely lends itself to the cool-girl vibe that French girls pull off, but I noticed that everyone drapes their jackets over their shoulders – as in not worn traditional with your arms in. I didn’t think I could pull this off, but I tried it and loved it. It’s layering in a sense, and it’s definitely a casual way to stay warm.

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