Ideas To Make The Best Family Bobbleheads

Among the various uses of bobblehead dolls, many people are making custom bobbleheads for their family. Because of the flexibility of the custom figurine, you can create any character with it, including characters based on your family members. Usually, people who order personalized bobbleheads use them for special occasions, such as birthdays, annual family gathering, wedding anniversary celebration, graduation, and so on.

If you are interested to create custom bobbleheads for your household, or even want to add them to your personal collection, it is better to plan it for long-term. There are family-related events that you can use as a background for your custom bobbleheads. Here are some ideas to make the best family bobbleheads:

  1. Events Related To Your Kids’ Growth

The first good occasion when it comes to creating a personalized bobblehead is to base it on your kids’ growth. For instance, you can create a custom bobblehead when your child is born, when they reach the school age, when they graduate, and so on. So, you can revolve it around the growth of your kids.

The idea is that whenever your kids reach a certain milestone in their life, you will create a family photo based on that event, and then turn your photo into a custom bobblehead. In this way, you will have a nice collection of memorable personalized bobbleheads by the time your kids turned into adults.

  1. Special Birthday Parties

You can also create a custom bobblehead based on the special birthday parties of your household, which include father, mother, and the children. For instance, when the father reaches the age of 50, you can take a family photo and create a personalized bobblehead based on that event. You can also do the same when your child is having a sweet seventeen birthday.

The idea is to revolve the custom figurine creation based on the birthday parties of the people who belong in your household, and you can determine for yourself whether you want to create it for every birthday or just for important birthdays.

  1. Your Wedding Anniversaries

Married to a person you love and keeping that marriage until you reach the old age is not easy. Thus, you can commemorate your wedding day by creating custom bobbleheads for your wedding anniversaries. Of course, you can start from the first year of your wedding.

In the first year, you will only have you and your significant other in the custom bobblehead. But, as years passed, you will also include your children in it. Then, 20 or 50 years from now, you will be able to collect personalized bobbleheads for your household, along with your grandchildren. It will be a very satisfying collection, since it will include lots of good memories about your family.


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