Make Every Day A Beach Day With 2017’s Hottest Summer Accessories

It’s hard not to think of summer and smile. From long beach walks stretching late into the evening to amateur “grill-masters” cremating the sausages you paid good money for, the season has a special place in most of our hearts. It’s a time to shake off the routine malaise of working life – to be wild, to be free. At least, that’s how most of us feel until we get our first burn of the season and vilely curse the harbinger of prickly, prickly pain we refer to as the sun. Well, let’s all stay one step ahead of the game this summer and avoid these all-too-common beach catastrophes that can spoil the best three months of the year. Cool? Cool.

The Classic ‘Sunburns-are-all-mental’ beach companion

Dark tanned body of young woman in summer with sunscreen lotion in shape of sun


We all have that one friend who thinks that a combination of SPF 2 tanning oil and flipping over at regular intervals somehow makes her immune to UV rays. And, of course, you inevitably become the pal she’ll call when she has turned the color of a ripe tomato and needs someone to paint her in four layers of aloe. People, don’t let Sunburned Susan ruin the beach party. Here are two lightweight beach tents that will provide the shade needed to make sure everyone has a swell time.

SEMOO lightweight beach tent ($20)

The SEMOO beach tent is a marvel of modern day engineering; weighing only 2.4 pounds, it’s both portable and practical. And no need to fiddle around with random sticks and stakes – the SEMOO pops up in a manner of minutes. Easy!

EasyGo umbrella beach tent ($50)

This tent, while slightly more expensive, does come replete with windows and a ripcord setup system that makes erecting the tent a breeze. Weighing in at 8.4 pounds, this bad boy is slightly heavier but a whole lot sturdier.

Haven’t found your pick?

Here’s a comprehensive list of other viable options.

The Timeless “Sandy sandwiches” fiasco

A beach picnic, what a lovely idea! That is, until you bite into your crunchy, sand-filled PB and J. Keep the sand on the beach and out of your bag with these fashionable and practical beach totes.

CGear sand free tote ($30)

The first completely sand-proof tote, it’s innovative mesh technology ensures that those pesky grains stay where they belong. Added bonus: it’s pretty cute, too!

Mossimo Mesh tote ($10)

This option is for those looking to ball on a budget. Even though it doesn’t promise the same failsafe sand-busting technology as the CGear, it is made out of durable mesh that won’t fray or break easily. It’s spacious and comes in a variety of nifty colors.

Don’t like what you sea (pun definitely intended)?

Here’s an in depth list of this year’s trendiest beach totes.

The “How-the-heck-is-this-towel-still-wet” disaster

Lastly and arguably most importantly here are some quick dry beach towels to improve your water-side experience. Gone are the days of those cumbersome cotton towels that seem to retain water from last summer’s beach trip!

Quickdry towel from Bodi towels ($11)

This anti-bacterial, lightweight towel can be folded down and wrung out easily. And at only $11 for an extra-large size, this towel is extremely economical and practical.

Travel towel bundle from Wildhorn Outfitters ($28)

What’s better than a single quick-dry towel? Three towels for the price of one! These towels can hold up to four times their weight in water and come pre-packed in a nifty travel bag.

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