Man, last night’s Bachelorette was a whole lot of DRAMA! I am going to get into all of that and tell you what I think about Lee, but first, let’s talk about some of the other guys that weren’t part of the drama!

Let’s start with Bryan. Rachel called him out for being too charming. I believe she said he was “too good to be true.” But I don’t necessarily agree with her. His lines are coming off as sly and player-ish. Is player-ish a word? Probably not, but you get what I’m trying to say. I’m not saying I don’t like Bryan, because I honestly do like him, but sometimes he just acts like he’s trying way too hard to be Prince Charming and it comes off as deceitful. Do you agree? Tell me in the comments. I’m curious if anyone else is reading him that way.

Dean, however, is a sweetheart. It broke my heart hearing him tell the story about losing his mom. He just seems like an all around good guy. Do I think the age different is going to be a deal breaker for Rachel? No. If she REALLY falls for him it won’t matter. But that is yet to be seen.

And how about that Group Date ?! A spelling bee in front of a bunch of people is my worst nightmare! Especially in front of the millions of people watching at home! I am so bad at spelling it’s embarrassing. Put it this way when I took the GRE for grad school I scored in the top 10% for math but the bottom 30% for verbal. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys this but I’m actually dyslexic and spelling is really hard for me (so I always try to apologize for mistakes in my blog! Sorry! I’m doing my best! Plus I write them SUPER fast! To say I’m busy these days is the understatement of the year). So I really respect the guys for doing this and I totally don’t judge any of them for spelling anything wrong! OK maybe the way Eric spelled “facade” was a bit comical. But I feel for him! And I feel like it’s totally unfair that Josiah got “stunning” as his word. That was ridiculously easier than any of the other words that the guys got! I also think “polyamorous” was pretty easy too.

Anyway, Iggy is not a favorite of mine. He seems to always have an issue with somebody. I don’t think he’s a bad guy I just think he got way too caught up in all of this.

BTW…this is what I WISH Rachel did with Lee’s rose! So let’s talk about Lee.

But first, quick thought on my outfit above! Sorry, I just HAD to! My slip dress is so cute and under $50! And my heels (The ones I wish Rachel kicked Lee in the butt with!) are Sole Society and a FAVE of mine! They are honestly one of my favorite pairs of heels EVER! And super comfy! You can see me wearing them at the end of this post with a different outfit too!

On to Lee. Ugh. He’s the worst. First when Dean said “I just think Lee is kind of a…bitch?” at the beginning of the episode, I just about peed my pants laughing! And became a huge fan of his right off the bat. And I’m glad Dean called Lee out on not accepting people from other cultural backgrounds. I don’t know if you guys saw any, but there were articles out a few weeks ago about some pretty racist tweets that Lee had tweeted. I’m not gonna get into that but it’s pretty disgusting.

Before I get more into Lee and how disappointing he is, let’s talk about our girl Rachel. I found it extremely brave that she let her walls down and opened up a little bit about the pressures she’s feeling by being the first black Bachelorette. Since she’s such a strong woman, she’s always been extremely positive about the situation. But I found myself tearing up watching her break down because I can’t imagine the amount of pressure she feels. The only thing I can relate to is the pressure one faces when being the Bachelorette. Adding a whole other layer of race is something I could never possibly understand. But I hope Rachael opens up more and more as the season goes on so we can only begin to try to understand. But before I move on, I want to say that I wonder if something bigger happened behind the scenes that we didn’t see. Or if Rachel broke down because she’s just feeling pressure in general. Something must’ve triggered it and it couldn’t have been the guys fighting, right? Or am I wrong? I dunno, but why would the guys fighting reflect poorly on the decisions she makes? I’m guessing it’s because she chose to give Lee a rose in the end. Maybe she knows that people are going to be upset with that? But good for her for not caring about what other people think. That said, I think she’ll eventually see through Lee and send him home. Hopefully sooner than later.

Anyway back to Lee, I find it absolutely infuriating how he smiles at people when they are upset with him. That’s so disrespectful. It shows that he has absolutely no respect for other people’s feelings. Even if Eric and Kenny were getting emotional and starting to raise their voices, he still shouldn’t have to tried to egg on the situation by smirking at them. I would’ve lost my shit if I was Kenny or Eric. Not that I’m condoning the way they handled the situation. I just think Lee was doing his absolute best to add fuel to the fire, rather than trying to resolve the situation.

And I know that next week we see a big battle between Kenny and Lee. We also see Kenny with a cut on his eye. I’m having a hard time believing that the cut on his eye is going to be in next week’s episode though. Here’s my prediction… I don’t think the producers will let it get to the point where Kenny and Lee physically fight. But then again, if one of them snaps, no producer can move quick enough to prevent a punch to the face. But still, I have a feeling that Lee is going to go home next week on that 2-on-1 date and then the footage we’re seeing of Kenny’s eye is probably from the following weeks episode when he goes on a wrestling group date or some physical date where someone ALWAYS gets hurt. That’s just my prediction. I could be totally wrong. But man are those Bachelor/ette editors good at getting us pumped for the following week’s episode!

Let me know what you guys think about the blog today. Do you agree with my thoughts on Lee? What about the other guys? Let’s discuss in the comments below! I’m traveling from LA to NYC today but I’m hoping I’ll have Wi-Fi on the plane so I can respond to your comments and be involved in the discussion!

And before you go make sure to check out my favorite looks from this week on Ali Luvs below!

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