We’re leaving to San Francisco in a few days and I already packed my ass off ‘cus I’m so excited. Well, I was super excited until I found out it was going to rain our entire trip. *sad effing face*

But it’s okay because the rain only made me get creative with my outfit planning and also gave me another excuse to buy a few things as well (helllooooo coats!) which I’m not complaining about.

So since it’s Monday, let’s “Shop With Me Monday’s” it up!


If there’s one item that currently lacking in my closet, it’s outerwear. Quite frankly, it doesn’t get too cold in LA so I never find a reason to splurge on outerwear. Surprisingly these days it’s actually freezing here in LA, and by freezing I mean 60 °F, so I decided to purchase a few outerwear pieces that I could wear in LA and in SF.

My favorite jacket right now is this teddy jacket from Amazon that I wear every day and it was less than $40 bucks! Now is the quality isn’t AMAZING. But it’s very soft and crazy comfortable so I’m satisfied with my $40 purchase, scratch that, I’m VERY satisfied with my purchase. Another one that I’m loving is this blue fuzzy jacket with a hood that I found on Asos. I’ve linked all the ones I also purchased below:




There are two types of sweaters I like. I like either a big loose snuggly sweater or something that is a bit more fitted to the body so that I can layer jackets/coats over it. I’ve been living in this sweater from Urban Outfitters. I also think this pink Asos one I just got is super cute ‘cus of its rainbow stripes (btw- rainbow stripes are totally in). I’ve linked all the ones I also purchased below:


Besides my favorite classic black skinny’s, I added a few more fun trendy bottoms to the line-up. I finally found the perfect black crop flare jeans from Urban Outfitters and I knew I had to share. It’s perfect because I actually hits me above the ankle (petite girl problems)! And also just got these GRLFND jeans (also in petite) from Revolve and oh man- these are the shit!!


I can’t choose a favorite shoe here…

So I’ll just say these purchases below was all worth IT!


It’s gonna be rainy, windy, and just damn right cold in SF so I’m bringing my most moisturizing products with me. Right now this Nutrient-Charged Water Gel by Murad has been great for the winter season so this baby is definitely coming with me. My go-to foundation right now is the “No Makeup” foundation by Perricone MD. It’s super lightweight with ingredients that are very beneficial for the skin, so you know this one is packed in my travel bag.


For my carry-on makeup bag, I love The Daily Edited carry on travel case. It holds everything I need plus more. I’ll obviously do a separate post on what’s in my carry on ‘cus that’s a whole nother monster.  And my suitcases are from Calpak which I actually found on sale here!

I also just added these hoops that I found from Amazon into my suitcase case along with my favorite necklaces also from Amazon (all linked below).



Well, that sums up everything I packed. Now, the question is how to get it all in my carry-on….

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