Things To Do Before Ordering Custom Bobbleheads In Bulk

Every year, many companies use bulk custom bobbleheads to be given away in their product promotions, business events, seminars, launch events, and so on. It’s the same with wedding events. There are always people who want to create personalized bobbleheads in bulk for their wedding, whether it is for the cake topper, to be given as gifts to the guests, or to be used as their own personal collection.

The benefit of ordering the custom bobbleheads in bulk is that you can easily get a lot of discounts for your order. This includes discounts in the creation process, as well as discounts for the shipping. So, ordering the custom figurines in bulk can ultimately save you a lot of expenses for your big event.

Do you want to order personalized custom figurines in bulk? Here are the things to do before ordering custom bobbleheads in bulk:

  1. Choosing The Best Design For The Custom Figurines

The first step that you need to do is to ensure that your design is correct. You need to plan your design beforehand because it will affect the overall quality of the product. If there is any mistake on the design, the bulk bobbleheads will have that same mistake. So, you can’t afford to make any mistake when you design your personalized bobbleheads.

Remember that the photo that you provide to the supplier needs to be as clear as possible as not to make it difficult for them to create the custom figurine based on it. If possible, you should also create one sample bobblehead prior to ordering it in bulk. Moreover, it is better for you if the supplier keeps you updated throughout the process of the bobblehead creation.

  1. Choosing The Best Deal Available

When you order the custom bobblehead individually, you might end up paying between $70 and $80 per custom figurine that you make. This can be really expensive if you order it in bulk, especially if the supplier doesn’t offer you any discount at all. But, since there are many suppliers that are available on the market today, you need to choose the one that provides the best deal for you.

There will be some good suppliers that provide big discounts when you order in bulk. Be sure to choose the one that offers discounts both on the bobblehead creation and shipping process.

  1. Making Sure That The Product Quality Is Good

If you want to use the bulk custom bobbleheads for an important event, you have to ensure that the quality of the product is excellent. This is especially true if you use it for business events, such as when you give these bobbleheads away to your clients or customers. You want to make sure that they get the best product since it will represent your business in general.

You need to choose only the supplier that provides an excellent work quality for your bulk bobblehead order, and the end product needs to be perfectly similar with the photo that you provide for them. It is always important to choose the best bobblehead maker when you order it in bulk.


Ordering custom bobblehead figures in bulk shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. At least, you shouldn’t pay full price for it since there are lots of discounts available. What yoou need to do is to ensure that the supplier offers the best deal for you, as well as deliver the best product while ensuring that your design doesn’t have any mistakes.

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