Why use portable toilet roll holder?

Those planning to use toilet paper holder can think of portable ones, since it will prove to be a handy accessory which can make life much easier. When the different accessories in the bathroom are taken into account, the toilet paper holder is undoubtedly considered to be among the basic accessories required in every bathroom. However, with plenty of choices being found in the market, the shopper can select one which will fulfill his basic requirements. Vertical Toilet Paper Holder can be termed to be fabulous choices made. The choice also will depend upon the place, where it is to be used.

Places for installing Vertical Toilet Paper Holder

  • Personal use: It is necessary to have something that is much more fanciful or nice. Wall mounted and vertical types that match the bathroom décor will be found suitable.
  • Public spots: Food joints, restaurants, commercial complexes, etc. do require something that is ordinary and is also tough and rough when used. This is because, people in huge numbers will be using these accessories on a regular basis. Several options can be found to be selected like bronze, stainless steel, brass, nickel, chrome holders, etc. The choice today is simply endless. They can be attached to the bathroom walls easily and also are able to withstand rough usage.

 Gold Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

Know the types

One can also come across holders that multifunction such as the portable types. It can hold a magazine, towel, etc. The other type is the recessed holder which can be effective to save up precious space and also create some sleekness within the bathroom. In such type of holder, the toilet paper is held conveniently and stays within the walls.

Also are found standing toilet roll holders available in various types of metals including bronze. Such types do not require any additional installation work. Numerous designer toilet paper holders can be found in the online market these days and huge discounts can be enjoyed on them. Most come with an elegant look to highlight the bathroom even more. Nickel holders come with soft stain finish that is just perfect with traditional and modern homes. They can be easily taken care of and maintained.

Vertical Toilet Paper Holder

Ceramic toilet paper holders are also popular and available in different sizes and shapes. The only backdraw in this type is it might break or chip off. However, this issue can be fixed easily. The ceramic type is the commonly used toilet paper holder.

Brushed nickel holders can be found at affordable prices. It is important to check out the color, dimensions, wall specifications and the like, so as to make the right and well informed purchase.

The double roll toilet paper holder with shelf has polished brass / chrome / brushed bronze / Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. Modern german craft, fine brass material, that keeps paper holder vintage and luxury look.

Vertical Toilet Paper Holder


The Vertical Toilet Paper Holder when properly installed in the bathroom can prove to be useful for people having limited arm and hand mobility, for children and old people who have issues in reaching the toilet paper. It is also suitable for those who worry about damaging their bathroom interiors. For such people, portable types are the best choice made.

Portable Toilet Paper Holder
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